Sri Varadaraja Panchashat – meaning with emphasis on Sanskrit

Sri Varadaraja Panchashat is one of the most mellifluous stotras composed by Sri Vedanta Desika on the Lord of Kanchi, Sri Varadarajan, also hailed as Devadhirajan, Devarajan, Perarulaalan etc, his ishtadevata so to say. There are 51 verses in all, most of them are composed in Vasantatilaka metre. He briefly describes in the first sloka how the Paramatma descends to Kanchi, also known as satyavrata kshetra in archai form. Then he begins his stuti proper by expressing his naichyanusandhana in the next 5 verses.

He then describes the beauty of the Lord in para, vyuha, vibhava, antaryami and lastly in the archa form. The glory of Lord Varadaraja, the description of his Brahmotsavam, the processions etc are all brought out beautifully in some of the verses. Swami even claims that he is not interested in moksha, i.e attaining Sri Vaikuntha instead continue to live in Kanchi enjoying the archanubhava.

Finally the 50th verse describes the archa form of Lord Varadaraja and the 51st verse, the final one, is phalastuti.

With limited intellect, adiyen has tried to give the meanings of the verses in Tamil in short recordings with some emphasis on Sanskrit so as to assist beginners to enjoy the anvaya and pratipadarthas.

The consolidated recordings of the audios are shared in parts.

The first part of the recording that contains the introduction and meanings of the first 5 verses is as below.

The second part of the recording that contains the meanings of verses from  the 6th to 11th is as below.

The rest of the recordings will be shared as and when they are completed.




Sri Gopala Vimshati – meaning with emphasis on Sanskrit

Sri Gopala Vimshati is one of the 28 stotras composed by Sri Nigamantha Mahadesikan. It has twenty one verses in all, the last one being the phalastuti. In the 20 mellifluous verses, Desikan brings out his anubhava of the beautiful form of the naughty Balakrishna that are rich in sabda alankara as well.

The link to the consolidated audio file of the introduction and the first seven verses is as below.

The link to the consolidated audio file of the next 7 verses – from the 8th to 14th is as below.

The link to the consolidated audio file of the last 7 verses – from the 15th to 21st is as below.