SRV’s Stotrapatha Ghoshti – Swami Desikan’s 750th birth year celebrations

SRV Ghoshti photo Swami Desikan 750th year Thirunakshatra celebrations

The 750th birth year Thirunakshatram of Swami Desikan was celebrated by Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya on the 21st of September 2018 with a stotrapatha ghoshti by its students and their parents – Madhavan Setlur, Srivallabhan, Abhinav, Amrit Narayan, Varshini, Aparajit Narayan, Deekshita, Madhavan L, Madhavan NS, Harshita, Hiranmayee, Padmasani, Pooja, Hrishikesh, Badri Narayan, Smt Lakshmi,  Sri Hari, Smt Ramya, Smt Anusha, Smt Sudha and Sri Lakshmi Nrsimhan.

The following stotras were recited by the students – Vegasetustotram, Ashtabhujashtakam, Kamasikashtakam, Paramarthastuti, Nyasadashakam, Godastuti, Sudarshanashtakam and Desika mangalam.

The link to the photos and videos of the event is available here:



Srimad Bhagavad Gita lecture 29 by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan Setlur

The audio link to the 29th part of the lecture by adiyen on Sri Ramanuja’s bhashya on the Bhagavad Gita is as below – meanings of the verses from the 37th until the last verse i.e 47th of the 6th chapter are covered in this lecture.  With this lecture the 6th chapter is completed and a very brief introduction to the 7th chapter is also given.



Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar’s Upanyasam on Godastuti at Desikan Thirumaligai, Thiruvahindrapuram

U.Ve Devanarvilagam Paruthipattu Vangipuram Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar rendering Upanyasam at Desikan Thirumaligai, Thrivahindrapuram

As a part of the ongoing celebrations of the 750th birth anniversary of Swami Desika the astikas of Thiruvahindrapuram had invited Sri.U.Ve.Dr.S Padmanabhachariar, Srikaryam of Sri Ahobila mutt on the 15th of August 2018, to deliver an upanyasam on Sri Godastuti, an excellent stuti on Goda piratti by Swami Desikan.



A view from the entrance of Sri Vedanta Desika Thirumaligai at Thiruvahindrapuram

The recording is not of a much sophisticated quality as it was an open ambience and also it rained heavily in the middle.

Swami has verily nicely given the gist of each of the 29 verses in the given one hour 15 minutes duration.

The link to the recording of the upanyasam is as below:

It was a memorable experience for adiyen to have had darshan of Lord Devanathan and his consort Hemambujavalli Thayar, Lord Hayagreevan and Swami Desika in the presence of adiyen’s Guru after the upanyasam was over.