Upanyasam on Amrtaasvaadini rahasyangal @ Sri Poundareekapuram Andavan Ashram, Srirangam by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan on 27-04-2019

It was sheer grace of Acharyas that adiyen was commanded by H.H.Poundareekapuram Andavan (Paravakkottai Chinnandavan) to render an upanyasam on Amrtaasvaadini rahasyangal on Sri Nigamanta Mahadesikan on the 27th of April 2019. With the training and blessings of adiyen’s kalakshepa acharyan Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar (Srikaryam, Sri Ahobila mutt), the upanyasam went off well at the Ashram of H.H.Srimad Andavan which was followed by a splendid darshan of Rangarajan on Hamsa vahanam! Adiyen’s Mahabhagyam. The upanyasam gave adiyen an opportunity to learn something.

H.H.Srimad Andavan gracefully sat through the entire upanyasam

The link to the recorded audio of the upanyasam is as below





Upanyasam on Virataparva by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan @ Choolaimedu Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Temple

Adiyen is indebted to Sriman.Srikant Sampathkumar of Choolaimedu for giving an opportunity to render an upanyasam on the topic ‘Virataparva’ on 10th of March 2019 between 4.30 pm and 6 pm @ Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal koil on Choolaimedu High road. The topic is huge and the time was limited. Hence adiyen had to rush with the Sanskrit verses. This was the first time on this topic. Could be improved next time though. Overall it was a great opportunity to go through the wonderful Virata parva. The Satsangha led  by Sriman Srikant is doing wonderful kainkarya at this temple.

The link to the upanyasam is as below:





TiruppAvai Upanyasam by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan Setlur @ Vedanta Sabha, Choolaimedu 2018

TiruppAvai UpanyAsam @ Sri Vedanta Sabha, Choolaimedu, Margazhi 2018-2019

With Acharya krupa adiyen is rendering maiden UpanyAsam on TiruppAvai @ Sri Vedanta Sabha, Choolaimedu (23/8, Shankarapuram 3rd street, Choolaimedu, Chennai – 94) on the following dates 23rd, 29th, 30th of December 2018, 5th, 6th, 13th and 14th of January 2019. I am grateful to Dr.D.P.Kannan Swami for recommending me, a novice in the field.

23/12/2018 was the beginning and adiyen could cover just the avatArikai and the meaning of the first pAsuram.

The link to the audio recording of the 1st session in which the introduction and the meaning of the 1st pAsuram were covered is as follows.


The link to the second session on 29/12/2018 in which the meanings from the 2nd pAsuram to the 5th pAsuram were covered is as follows


The link to the third session on 30/12/2018 in which the meanings from the 6th pAsuram to the 10th pAsuram were covered is as follows


The link to the fourth session on 05/01/2019 in which the meanings from the 11th pAsuram to the 15th pAsuram were covered as follows


The link to the fifth session on 06/01/2019 in which the meanings from the 16th pAsuram to the 20th pAsuram were covered as follows


The link to the sixth session on 13-01-2019 in which the meanings of the 7 pasurams from 21st to 27th were covered is


The link to the 7th and final concluding part of the upanysam is shared in the below link.

I should admit that the presence of my Guru U.Ve.Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar (Srikaryam, Sri Ahobila mutt) and Sri.U.Ve.Villivalam Raghu Swami (Aaradhakar, Sri Ahobila mutt) made me a bit nervous and I chose to rush through it so as not to make them wait for long!


Adiyen considers it a big fortune that both the vidvans appreciated adiyen’s upanyasam and the link to that audio is as below – My guru has spoken first followed by Sri Raghu Swami.


Adiyen expresses profuse thanks to Sri Vedanta Sabha and Dr.D.P.Kannan for the opportunity.



Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar’s Upanyasam on Godastuti at Desikan Thirumaligai, Thiruvahindrapuram

U.Ve Devanarvilagam Paruthipattu Vangipuram Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar rendering Upanyasam at Desikan Thirumaligai, Thrivahindrapuram

As a part of the ongoing celebrations of the 750th birth anniversary of Swami Desika the astikas of Thiruvahindrapuram had invited Sri.U.Ve.Dr.S Padmanabhachariar, Srikaryam of Sri Ahobila mutt on the 15th of August 2018, to deliver an upanyasam on Sri Godastuti, an excellent stuti on Goda piratti by Swami Desikan.



A view from the entrance of Sri Vedanta Desika Thirumaligai at Thiruvahindrapuram

The recording is not of a much sophisticated quality as it was an open ambience and also it rained heavily in the middle.

Swami has verily nicely given the gist of each of the 29 verses in the given one hour 15 minutes duration.

The link to the recording of the upanyasam is as below:


It was a memorable experience for adiyen to have had darshan of Lord Devanathan and his consort Hemambujavalli Thayar, Lord Hayagreevan and Swami Desika in the presence of adiyen’s Guru after the upanyasam was over.



Nammazhwarum Desikanum – Adiyen’s upanyasam @ Ahobila mutt Tiruvallur

Adiyen’s Guru, Sri Sannidhi Srikaryam Swami felicitating adiyen after the upanyasam.

As a part of the 750th birth year celebrations of Swami Desikan @ Ahobila mutt, Tiruvallur, Adiyen was given a golden opportunity to deliver an upanyasam on the topic ‘Nammazwarum Desikanum’ today – Thanks to Sri. Purisai Jagan swami, agent Ahobila mutt, Tiruvallur. The quality of recording is not great as there was non-cooperation from mike box :-). Also adiyen had a sore throat. These two do not anyway correspond to the quality of the content though 🙂

The link to the recording is as below:





Upanyasam by Dr.S.Padmanabhan – part 3

The Srikaryam of Sri Ahobila mutt, Dr.S.Padmanabhan, delivered an upanyasam on the topic ‘Adhikara Sangraham’ @ Sri Ahobila mutt, Triplicane on 07th of April as part of the 750th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Desika. This is the third part on the same topic – Adhikarasangraham of Swami Desika. The recordings of the first two parts are available in the website. The link to the 3rd part is as below:


Upanyasam on ‘Sugreeva Saranagati’

Adiyen got an opportunity to render an upanyasam on the topic ‘Sugreeva Saranagati’ @ Sri Erikatha Ramar Sannidhi, Madurantakam on 23rd March 2018 during Sri Rama navami utsavam. It gave me an opportunity to go through the excellent commentary on Srimad Valmiki Ramayana – ‘Ramayana-bhushana’- by one Sri Govindacharya. This commentary is also known as Govindarajiyam. I have tried my best to collate some inputs from Abhayapradanasaram also.

The link to the upanyasam is as below:


A highlevel overview on darshanas in general

The Indian systems of philosophy are called as darshana – दर्शनम् in Sanskrit. The usual explanation given to the term darshana is दृश्यते अनेन इति दर्शनम् – The tattvas or principles of truth are seen or known through them, hence they are called darshanas. The eye and mirror are also called as darshanam in an ordinary sense as we see or know things through them. In this very short lecture, given to my students, a very high level overview of the astika (orthodox) and nastika (heterodox) darshanas is given with a special emphasis on Visistadvaita. The link to the lecture is – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5TNRFElGMV1VGp2ZXZOblFsRGc

Lecture on Upanayanam and Sandhyavandanam

This lecture on the importance of Upanayanam and Sandhyavandanam in English was delivered sometime in June 2017 at the house of Sri. S.Ranganathan  in Mandaveli, arranged especially for his grandson whose upanayanam was scheduled a week later. The brilliant young boy not only listened keenly but also participated in the lecture with his questions and answers to my questions which was very rewarding! The link to the lecture is –